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Welcome to Petshop.

We are a gallery/workspace in Benson/Omaha, NE. Petshop has two gallery spaces in which we feature local and nonlocal artists every first Friday for Benson First Friday (BFF).

Our first BFF featured two local artists Benjamin McQuillan (yours truly) and Kim Reid Kuhn. Kuhn’s performance in Gallery B was imaginative and fun. The artist set up the space as a crime scene where a vicious murder had taken place. She chose performers to interrogate, finger print, swab/dna sample and have portraits drawn. The DNA descriptions and portraits were pinned to the walls oposite cardboard paintings of dismembered limbs and alien-like insects and fetuses.




In the front space (Gallery A) I installed a new work featuring a new technology I’ve discovered. Woven thermal (credit card receipt) paper pinned to the wall and burned with heated pieces of brass.




What a great way to christen our new space. Hope to see all that attended at our next opening Friday July 6 where we’ll be featuring artist Brittan Rosendhal in Gallery B. More info to come…


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